Using Your USB Port to Heat or Cool Yourself while Working at Your Computer

With new computers rolling off the assembly line with 6 or 8 USB ports standard these days, (and some with as many as a dozen!), you must be wondering what to fill up all those ports with, right? Wonder no longer. Now you can offset the high energy cost associated with heating and cooling your workspace by using these nifty USB-powered gadget to heat or cool yourself.

Using Your USB Port to Heat or Cool Yourself while Working at Your Computer
Using Your USB Port to Heat or Cool Yourself while Working at Your Computer

Everything on this list is completely powered by plugging into a USB port…

USB Heat Slippers Dual ~
Finally! A way to keep my toes worm while they’re dangling under my computer desk. These dual heat slippers by Thanko are even individually powered, just in case one foot is naturally warmer than the other. (Haven’t we all had that happen!)

The USB Heat Slippers Dual works with both Windows-based machines and MACs, and even has an optional adapter to turn a regular house hold outlet into a USB port, in case you really have used up all those extra ports on your computer.

The slippers are washable, and the heating insert can even be removed and placed into a regular pair of shoes. Very handy for the office. Use your slippers in ‘stealth mode’ so that your co-workers don’t get jealous.

Each USB powered slipper can reach a temperature of up to 50 degrees. Stave off the creeping winter chill with a pair of these ingenious foot warmers. Just don’t forget that your feet are attached to your computer when you get up and start to walk away.

USB-powered Seat Warmers ~
Because sometimes it’s not your feet that are cold. Put this warming pad onto your chair seat turn up the heat to your butt! Varying temperature control allows you to customize the heat on your seat.

USB-powered Seat Cooler ~
Of course, sometimes your butt is already too hot, right? For those moments, you’ll enjoy this companion product, the USB-powered seat cooler! This slim and comfortable seat cushion adds a bit more padding underneath, while funneling cool air right where you need it most.

The convenient on-off switch lets you quickly silence the electronically enhanced breeze when co-workers stop by unexpected. The device works by sucking air through an overhanging fan and then channeling the breeze through the multitude of holes on the seat cushion.

For just 41 dollars, you’ll have the coolest chair in the office! What a bargain.

Hand-Warming Mousepad ~
If it’s your mousing hand that gets cold, try the warm whale mousepad! This Shamu-shaped stuffed USB-powered gadget has an insulated compartment for your mouse to hide inside. Then just push your hand into the warm tunnel and do your mousing from inside the warm belly of the whale. Browse toasty for hours, for just $21.

The G-Glove Hand Warmers ~
Okay, so you just can’t spend all day with one hand stuffed inside a whale. If you need to be able to use your hands, try out these USB-powered G-Gloves. Comfy and warm, these convertible gloves quickly change into mittens, keeping even your fingertips toasty.

The G-Gloves have a detachable cable, an on-off switch, stylish alphabet stitching, and dual warming pads with two-levels of heat intensity. The G-Glove Hand Warmers are available in pink or blue for just $22.