Jennifer NealWhat’s your job?

I am the owner of Kane & Associates, a creative agency based here in Boise. Right now, my job is to wear all of the hats… and some of them I look pretty good in, too! I started life in the marketing world as a graphic designer. Through the years I have worked at ad agencies and have run in-house marketing departments for a wide variety of industries. All of the skills and knowledge I gained from those experiences have now allowed me to become graphic and web designer, SEO and SEM specialist, marketing strategic planner and all around moral support and confidant to my clients.

What do you do for fun?

I am an avid fly-fisher. Well, let me clarify – I love to “catch” but enjoy the “fishing” and am still hoping to improve my skills at both.

What was your first “real” job?

I was the Graphic Design coordinator for The Cutlery Shoppe. Great experience – learned a lot, had fun and got some great knives!

Awards and accolades?

I haven’t actually applied for any awards since my high school days, where I was the national first prize winner in the BPA graphic design category. But, more recently, I did just receive an email notification from the IMPACT awards…

Any interesting or milestone projects/experiences you’d like to share?

I believe that the best measurement of success is having my clients’ businesses or projects being successful. However, personally I believe my biggest recent milestone has been leaving the corporate world and running my business full time for almost a year now. I think successfully navigating a wide variety of industries and small businesses on the corporate side and coming out with creativity intact warrants a celebration!

Why CCC?

I firmly believe that creative folks work best when there are other brains involved. Being a one-“man” operation right now, I need to have expert resources to refer my clients to when necessary, and having such a rich resource of qualified and reliable references (how’s that for alliteration?) makes CCC an invaluable group.

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