Meet Vivian Otero-Epley
Marketing and Client Services Manager, Meuleman Mollerup LLP

Vivian-spotlightWhat do you do?
My employer, Meuleman Mollerup LLP, is a boutique law firm providing legal services to businesses and individuals primarily from the construction and real estate industries. As the firm's Marketing and Client Services Manager, my role includes providing the basis from which my attorneys can build their business development efforts. I also ensure that everyone at the firm is working in the same direction as we develop relationships with the community members and industries we serve. I split my time between marketing efforts for Meuleman Mollerup and working with one of the firm's clients, assisting in financing and project development for the State of Idaho.

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Meet Dan Black

What's your job?

Dan BlackI'm the Communications Director for the Idaho State Bar, a self-governing state agency that manages the practice of law. I'm also the managing editor for The Advocate, a magazine published nine times a year that goes to every attorney in the state. As editor, much of my work involves organizing a small army of volunteers from the legal community who contribute various kinds of writing for the magazine. The Advocate is usually 72 pages long each time. It's a huge project to organize nine times a year. We have ads, echnical peer reviewed articles, announcements, news about the profession, and lots of other kinds of information. I work with board of 12 attorneys to review articles. I also write for the magazine in addition to organizing it. I do a little PR for the bar too. But most of the time I'm either working on the magazine or serving as in-house editor for the Bar's pamphlets, brochures, and extensive web site.

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What's your job?

jc2009portraitmedI'm a Senior Health Education Specialist for the Dept. of Health and Welfare's Idaho Tobacco Prevention and Control Program, also called "Project Filter." I develop, evaluate and manage the social media communications, as well as the print communications projects, for the program. I also represent my program at community events across the state. And I squeeze in writing and graphic design for my program, too. I'm very, very busy.

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Meet Leiann Bonnet

Leiann BonnetWhat’s your job?
I’m currently senior account manager for Byrnes Communications. I manage various projects we support through customer reference marketing. Our largest client is HP’s Enterprise Server Storage and Networking group. I’m also principal of my own firm, Reference Marketing Group, which also develops customer reference programs for high tech firms. In addition to technology marketing, I also consult with Boise Urban Garden School (BUGS), for a number of grant writing and fundraising programs. Although quite different from technology, working with nonprofits is extremely rewarding on a personal level.

What is customer reference marketing?
It’s all about helping companies tell stories about how their customers improve their business, and often achieve a return on investment by using the company’s products or services. We develop case studies or success stories, as well as customer videos. We work with sales and marketing departments who identify happy customers willing to showcase their stories. These success stories are used for everything from sales support to demand and lead generation. Customer references are often used by sales reps as “proof points” when approaching new or prospective customers.

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gMeet Geri Getzger, a new CCC Member!

What's your job?

I am currently freelancing while I explore full time professional opportunities here in Boise.

I am a communications professional with extensive experience in writing and editing. My strengths include taking the complex and making it simple, managing editorial teams, project management, and developing efficient processes and guidelines to assure a quality product. I have experience in marketing and public relations and in development of engaging, actionable print and web articles, social media copy and interactive e-tools. I have worked at Healthwise, Mayo Clinic and OptumHealth and assorted hospitals across the country.

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Meet Hobart "Hobie" Swan

What's your job?

I'm a freelance writer and public relations professional. I worked in-house in San Francisco for a long time; first with a medical organization and then with a high-tech company. I've also written for radio, and for various Bay Area weeklies and monthlies. After moving to Boise in 2005, I worked remotely with the tech company for a couple of years (flying to SF every ten days for four days...ouch), and then jumped at the opportunity to write interactive health care scripts for Healthwise. I found myself yearning for more varied, creative work, and so took the plunge, cut the umbilical cord, cast my fate to the winds... how else can you say this... and am glad I did.

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