CCC's January 14th event, How Inbound Marketing Drives Big-Time Traffic to Your Site, was a well-attended, interesting event. Presenters Tanya Vaughan and Jay Bowen of DaviesMoore ( provided a detailed, step-by-step guide to ramping up an inbound marketing strategy, complete with links to valuable information sources that can help you get started. Tanya and Jay's slide presentation can be seen in full at

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South Junior High School student Dwight Brown received $100 cash on Dec. 10 for taking first place in the eighth annual CCC writing contest for ninth-grade Boise students.

The competition began in 2006 when board member David Cuoio suggested that a writing competition be started to interest youngsters in professional writing careers.

“I figure the best way to grab their attention was to offer cash prizes,” said Cuoio.

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Do you subscribe to Spin Sucks ( It’s a pretty cool site. It bills itself as a resource for the “professional development for PR and marketing pros.” That might sound dry. But Spin Sucks writers manage to keep it lively.

One recent article was “Do News Releases Have SEO Value When Distributed via a Wire?” The writer/Spin Suck reporter did her homework to address the essential question: Does having the exact same info posted on Yahoo!, Bloomberg, WSJ, etc., etc. boost SEO ranking? The verdict? It’s complicated (way too much so to fit it into this column). But I found one paragraph particularly useful:

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Bob-Bushnell-CollageCapital City Communicators have moved their monthly luncheons to 110 Main Private Event Center, an historic Boise home near the intersection of 1st and Main, across from the Ronald McDonald House in Boise. Owned by long time Boise resident, Bob Bushnell, the grand home was built in 1905 by silver miner Timothy Regan. It is now on the Historical Registry and Bob has restored the home to its original splendor. Available for business and social events, the CCC Board chose this location to allow for a more interesting and festive environment to foster more one on one communication for our attendees, as well as continue to learn the latest innovations in communication from our speakers. We hope you'll join us for our next luncheon!

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It's interesting, with a little bit of hindsight, to compare the way two kinds of bad news were handled in the past month or so.
The first was Lance Armstrong's announcement that he would tell all on the Oprah Winfrey show. This took a lot of people in the sports world aback. Armstrong was a star of that world for a long time. And when it was time for him to make amends, many felt that his move to spill the beans to Oprah was a cop out. And it seems, now that the event has passed, that they were right. The feeling is widespread that Lance has yet to and may never put all of his beans on the table.

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Okay, maybe not quite yet. But things are certainly headed that way. I ran across a company the other day that is working on an app that lets advertisers virtually project ads on real structures. Imagine the swoosh on the Washington Monument. Neck tie fashions on Mt. Rushmore. Ads for Simplot potatoes projected just for you onto the Capital Building right here in Boise. The possibilities are endless.

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