How to Stop Laptop Screen Flickering

Has your laptop screen ever just began flickering? First black, then back to normal, black, then back to normal again and finally it has gone to a screen of black where you can still see the desktop if you tilt the screen to a certain degree? If yes, then I have the solution for you, and best of all, it is free!

How to Stop Laptop Screen Flickering
How to Stop Laptop Screen Flickering

This article will detail how to fix a laptop screen that is flickering like I mentioned in the description. I came upon the solution after buying my HP dv2700t Laptop and only having it for one year before it’s screen began flickering. Soon, my work could not get completed, and I was at my wits end! I called computer stores, HP support and they all told me one thing: That I would need to bring it in and have it diagnosed, but most likely the screen backlight was out which would cost $400 to fix! Yeah, I did not have that money at the time, so I decided to figure out what the problem was on my own. To my surprise, it was an extremely simple fix and I had a working backlight and screen in ten minutes. Read on to find out how!

Open your laptop computer and look at your laptop screen. Do you notice the plastic siding around it? Do you see the screws that are holding screen in place? (See picture provided)

Once you understand step one, undo the screws to the laptop screen case, there should be anywhere from 4-6 on an HP computer, usually four on the top of the screen and two near the bottom. (See picture provided)

When you have all the screws undone, you will need to carefully unsnap your screen away from the back-plate. This is okay to do, it is just an extra measure that they use when building laptops to keep the screen in place. Once you have unsnapped all of the little do-hickies, take off the plastic case of your laptop screen and set it aside. (See picture provided)

Look around and gain your bearings once you have taken off the plastic casing to your screen. Do you see those screws near the bottom of the screen? (See picture provided). Tighten the loose screws at the bottom of the screen. These screws are why your computer screen is flickering! Make sure they are nice and tight, but do not strip them.

Once you tighten these screws, replace the plastic case of your computer screen, snap the do-hickies back into place and replace the screws.

Voila!! You now have a working laptop computer screen!

I hope my tutorial on how to stop laptop screen flickering has helped you. Please leave a comment and tell me your experience. Thank you for stopping by, come again soon!