How to Decorate a Laptop Computer
How to Decorate a Laptop Computer
How to Decorate a Laptop Computer

While there are different brands and models of laptop computers, they all look the same. Unless you have a modern iMac, colorful options are out of the picture. There are ways to decorate your laptop, even if you do not have a colorful computer. This can be done on the cheap or expensively. Laptop decorations are even available with your own custom preferences. Here are three ways to decorate a laptop computer.

These are removable designs that you can place on the back of a laptop computer screen. Laptop skins cost anywhere form $25 to $50. You can customize them to your preference or purchase a pre-designed laptop skin. It is like wallpaper for the other side of your laptop screen. This is also a great way to promote your business.

While laptop skins can include everything from roses to sports teams, business owners can get a special one made just for them. This can help you gain exposure while using your laptop in public places. Laptop skins that are used for promotion can work well for photographers, graphic designers and even lawyers. If you are bold and do not mind the attention, this is a great way to decorate a laptop. College students can also use skins to display their artwork and other designs.

Stickers and Laptop decals
The third way to decorate a laptop is with stickers and decals. This can be done with regular stickers or laptop decals made especially for computers. They are a simple way to decorate a laptop without spending a lot of money. Laptop decals can be made in a variety of shapes. I have found some Euro stickers online that were oval and represent various countries.

These items are made of a laminated vinyl material. It is more suitable than regular stickers. Laptop decals cost $5 each and can be found online or specialty electronics retailers. It is important to be careful when using regular stickers. When they get old, it may be difficult to remove these items.

Fun Carry Bags
Just because you have a simple computer does not mean that it cannot be stylish. You can decorate your laptop by choosing carry bags that have a funky design. This will not only make your laptop hip, it will also help to identify the property while traveling and attending large conventions. If you are in college and have multiple roommates, it may be difficult to find everything in your room. A stylish laptop bag will make it easier for you to locate your computer when going to class. Unique laptop bags can cost up to $150. If you cannot afford it, place this item on your birthday or holiday wish list.