Home Photo Studio - Creating Ancient Scrolls with Your Photos
Home Photo Studio - Creating Ancient Scrolls with Your Photos

Home Photo Studio – Creating Ancient Scrolls with Your Photos

One of the cool ways to apply effects to your photos in Home Photo Studio is by turning it into a scroll. You have different options for turning your photo into a scroll. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to turn your photos into a scroll using Home Photo Studio.
Open the Photo You Want to Use

Let’s begin with opening the photo that you wish to turn into a scroll. To open the photo, you will need to click File gt; Open at the top of your program. When the folder opens, you will need to browse your computer and find your photo. Once you have found the photo, you can click the photo and click the Open button to import it into your program.

Opening the Ancient Scroll Option

Next, you will need to open the scroll options. Go to the top of your program and click Decoration Ancient Scroll. You will see the properties box open on the right side of the program.

Applying the Ancient Scroll Settings to Your Photo in Home Photo Studio

You will now need to select your Scroll Kind. You can drop this box down, make a selection and click the Preview button to see it. It is probably best if you try on each one and see which one you like. You can also drop the second box down and select the other blend mode. You can select from Color Blending or Mono Blending.

Clicking the Preview button will generate the preview and you will be able to see what it looks like. If you need to rotate the scroll, click the Rotate Scroll option and click the Preview button again. When you have found the ancient scroll that you want to use, click can click the OK button to apply it. Then you can export your photo. If you can’t find a scroll that you like, click the Cancel button and the photo will be restored. The Ancient Scroll settings box will also be closed.

To export your photo, you will need to click File Quick Export To and select the file format that you want to save the photo as. Most photos are saved as a jpeg file. However, you may need it for something else. When you select the export option, you will be asked to set the quality of the photo. When the box opens, you can change the quality to 100 and click Save.